Ant Removal Tameside – Tameside Pest Control

Ant Removal Tameside – Tameside Pest Control

“Ant Season is Upon Us”

Ant season typically starts between late Winter and early Spring. Ants come out of hibernation as the weather starts to warm up. So, depending on the average temperatures, ants become active anytime from mid-February to early March. Worker ants are the first to become active. As it is their job to search for food. It is critical for the colonies survival that they work fast.

Worker ants work in small numbers. So, you may not notice them at this stage. However, treatment is most effective and straightforward at this time of year. As the colony is still small, it is easier to eradicate. Removing the Queen will stop the colony from growing in size., before the Flying Ant day typically arriving in the height of the summer.

Insects are classed either as crawling or flying. Crawling insects include ants, fleas, bed bugs and cockroaches; flying insects include moths, flying ants, cluster flies, mosquitoes and hornets They come in various shapes and sizes from a small as a pin head to as large as your hand. Not all insects are classed as pests but there are some that wreak havoc on the countryside while others can transmit diseases. If you have an insect problem in Tameside – Greater Manchester please get in touch.

Contact C2C Pest Control for Ant Nest removal or a service visit for other Insect related issues from our office in Tameside – Greater Manchester, throughout the North West:

Tameside Ant Removal

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