Birds under Solar Panels

Birds under Solar Panels

Tameside Pest Control | Solar Panel Pigeon proofing

Solar panels are being installed all over the country, but due to their ability to provide a perfect nesting site for feral pigeons, they are bringing problems to households in the North West and Greater Manchester with birds building their nests under the panels creating noise as well as fouling the area, and the solar panel surface with their droppings. Solar panel bird proofing can provide the following options with offices in Tameside covering the North West and beyond.

Prices start from £280.00.

Solar Panel Exclusion Kits

The most effective way to prevent the pigeons from entering the solar panel is to completely seal the outside perimeter of the panels with our specialized Solar Panel Exclusion Kits, these can be installed in a day with no drilling required and with the ability to still be able to carry out any essential maintenance on the panels as required.

Solar panel proofing also offer options to stop problem birds nesting on buildings & factories around the North West.

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