C2C Pest Control Update

C2C Pest Control Covid19 Latest News

Does the job need to be done during the pandemic:

If there is a critical imminent threat to human health, food contamination, disease and if the client is distressed to the point that their mental health is affected, C2C will be able to attend and carry out control, whilst adhering to government guidelines on social distancing.

The BPCA are in discussions with government to place Pest Control Operatives onto the Key Worker list and we will update on how this proceeds over the next few weeks.

If Hygiene and proofing advice will stop or prevent the problem until it is safe to visit we will not attend, routine visits may be put back until the pandemic has passed.

A Client should never be encouraged to interfere with professional use products such as rodenticides or insecticides, photographs of droppings/Insects can be forwarded to ourselves to confirm or dispel any current problems, and advice given on which action to be taken.

Any further information will be available here: https://www.c2cpestcontrol.co.uk/latest-news/

On our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pestcontrolC2C/

Or by contacting us directly: https://www.c2cpestcontrol.co.uk/contact-us/



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