Drain surveys & Repairs in the Tameside Area

Drain surveys & Repairs in the Tameside Area

Increased Call outs for Rodents accessing sub-Floors and roof voids during winter months.


C2C are finding an upsurge in Rodent activity accessing properties via broken drains in the North West area, recent jobs include properties in Ashton-Under-Lyne- Tameside, and Oldham Town Center, to name but a few.

Identifying the problem.

One of the first questions we will ask when arriving at a new site is this: has there been any building work undertaken, recently or otherwise? Even works completed a few years previously can be evidence of rodent activity,with Drain defects lying undetected for years before being located by a foraging Rat.

This is the most common source of rodent activity we encounter and typically the cause is a redundant pipe, an access point or branch that has been left in the ground without being sealed. Most jobs will involve a process of elimination, and use of a CCTV camera to identify the break, slip or collapse.

Once the Technician has identified the cause of the problem, and control has been achieved of the infestation, a repair solution will be discussed and carried out.

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