Fly Screens and EFK Units

Fly Screens

We can provide a range of fly screens for commercial and private use and are made to order.  They will be supplied and fitted to windows and/or doors, either sitting within the reveal or fitted to the surround.

Cassette Roller Fly Screens

These are made to measure and are ideal for commercial kitchens and the public health sector, with an option to have the screen up or down.  All fly screens are supplied, fitted and come with a fine mosquito mesh.  The mesh is easy to keep clean and allows for the flow of light and air.  We will be happy to discuss the most appropriate solution for your requirement from the options available.

EFK (Electronic Fly Killer) Units

Industry specific sticky traps, combining advanced glue board technology with the latest UV bulbs technology, ensures you are installing the best industry solutions available, allowing units to be placed closer to sensitive areas such as food preparation.

They do not have an electric 'killing grid' making them silent, discreet and hygienic whilst catching all sizes of insects, including smaller species such as fruit flies.


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