Repair Team

Our repair team can carry out CCTV surveys of drainage systems, seal cavity walls which may depend on a structural survey and may incur additional costs), replace air bricks and replace or repair soffits (which may require the intervention of associated trade specialists where required).

Drain defects can go unnoticed for years with no obvious signs of entry from the outside.  However, once inside the cavity wall, rodents have full access to the subfloor, loft space resulting in nesting.  Control of the infestation will work for a short period of time only, therefore drain defect, if not rectified, will mean continued re-infestation.

Where there is a rat ingress to buildings, via broken drains or displaced/cracked gullies, our technicians are acutely aware of how this can allow rodent's access to all buildings.  However C2C provide a holistic solution to your needs; we ensure peace of mind, control of the infestation and repair/replacement of pipes/gullies and drainage systems - our all in one package.

Signs will be nests underneath kitchen units and inside loft spaces with no obvious holes or breaks on any outside walls.  A full survey of the building will be carried out to determine entry points and then proofing options will be discussed with the homeowner.

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