C2C Pest Control provide solutions for Public/Local Authority and Private sector industries as well as Home and Business Owners. As well as the usual pests, we can provide woodworm/termite treatment, attic noise investigation and carcass removal.

Annual contracts are available for restaurants, factories, warehouses and office premises. We can also provide (not limited to) annual contracts, for Schools, Children’s Nurseries, NHS Trusts and Care Homes.

For Home Owners, visits can take place on evenings and weekends, reducing where possible the need to take time off work. We provide free advice and we are always happy to visit your premises to carry out an initial site survey.

Most of the pests we deal with can be harmful or even deadly to people, since many of them carry disease into homes. They leave behind droppings which contaminate food and surfaces, or chew through electrical wiring and pipework, which raises the risk of fire or flooding. Some bite, some sting and can leave painful welts that can cause infection. Some people are allergic to the bite or sting of different species, making it important to have any pest in your property brought under control as fast and as safely as possible.

Find out more about the pests we can treat on our individual service pages.


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