Bee and Wasp Nests

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There are several common types of bees:

Honey Bees

C2C are proud members of the UKBR (UK Bee Removers) covering the North West of England.

C2C can relocate Honey Bee Colonies that have been established for years, please get in touch to book in a survey, this will establish the size and location of the Colony within the building, and will allow us to put together an action plan to carry out the work with the least distress to the colony.

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Swarm removal

C2C work closely with our Local Bee Keepers who can pick up swarms if they are in an accessible location, please get in touch for more information.

Masonry/Mining Bees

No Need to Treat

White Tailed Bumblebee

C2C can offer a Bumble Bee Relocation Service.

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wasp nest treatments from C2C Pest Control and Environmental


Wasps generally start building their nests from mid June until late November.

Nests are commonly found hanging from trees, in bird boxes, in airbricks and in attic spaces.  If you see large numbers of wasps entering a hole in a building then this would suggest an increased chance of a nest.

Like bees, wasps are major pollinators of all our plants and crops and here at C2C we will always consider all options available rather than their immediate eradication.

During the month of October through to early December, wasps are more aggressive with stings more common during this period.

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