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Ants invade homes searching for food and can become extremely troublesome very quickly. Ants can appear as early as January and remain active well into late autumn.

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Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are found in fabrics, gaining entry by flying through open windows. During their larval stage are more commonly referred to as 'woolly bears' feeding off fabric and creating serious damage.

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Woodworm Treatments

Types of common wood boring beetles are the Common Furniture beetle, Death Watch beetle, House Longhorn beetl and Powder Post beetle.

Active woodworm infestation is difficult to determine, with visible damage may take years to show.  If left untreated, woodworm can seriously weaken timber over time and in some instances causing severe structure damage.

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Cockroaches are rarely able to survive outdoors in the British climate but thrive around the heating ducts and boiler rooms, especially in large centrally heated buildings eg hospitals, bakeries, hotels, restaurant kitchens and blocks of flats.  They cluster around pipes, stoves and sinks, especially in humid areas and will often remain hidden during the day.

Cockroaches contaminate food, utensils and preparation surfaces, tainting food with an obnoxious smell which can be a vector for disease.  They can carry organisms which cause food poisoning in humans, as well as carrying many other bacteria.

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